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Gathering and systematization of air law bibliographic data is the priority task of project. In section «Air Law» works by contemporary authors as well as widely recognized classics of air law are listed in literary sources. Works of some authors are available on website. The resource of «Air Law» section of web site contains either normative legislative acts, or individual national regulations of Member-States of Commonwealth of Independent States and also international agreements where CIS Members are Contracting-States as well. In this section you can also find acts of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), and also air law acts of EUROCONTROL Member-States. The documents of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) can be found in section «ICAO Acts». Air law analytics is gathered in section «Analytics and Interview».
Today, project stands for more than 2600 hotels, hostels and health resorts in 268 cities within Russia. Every day on the map of new Russian cities and new hotels appear. For each of our hotels, we create a separate web page where the description of the hotel, hotel rooms’ pictures and services provided, cost of accommodation and postal address can be found. Leaving information on the hotel’s owner gains the offering to receive customers directly without any agents. Besides hotel service also deals with search and airline booking, using resources of famous and reputable aggregators. All consumers receive the information from the site completely free! More than 1000 people use the service of daily!
Air law research and training conference traditionally takes place in St.-Petersburg. Since 2010 this city has been authoritative and largest platform for discussion of current industry problems both of institutional and law administration nature. Format of the conference allows representatives of participants of aviation activity and state authorities communicate in casual manner in order to find one-size-fits all solutions in understanding of the meaning and implication of air law. The conference is attended by lawyers of the aviation community from around the world that rightfully allows ranking it as international. On average, a regular conference is attended by more than 100 people, at least one third of them are its permanent delegates. Thus, the conference presents a pool of professionals in the field of air law. For all the time a regular conference was attended by over 500 people. The Sixth Conference on Air Law will be held with the support of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Federal Air Transport Agency in October 2016. Leading industry and business media are invited to cover this event. Following the conference, the collection of reports and scientific articles on air law stated at the conference will be published. The official site of the conference is
Planning, coordination, supervision of construction, entering into service of airfields, heliports, landing fields is a necessary step in creating the infrastructure of aviation business. To provide assistance in implementation of these challenges we created Project Office «AEROHELP», which is the member of designated self-regulating organization and has all necessary work permissions as statutorily required. In addition to the project work, experts of AEROHELP Project Office provides assistance with paperwork to be sent to the appropriate competent authority which carries out registration actions (state registration of subjects, objects, and objects rights) and licensing activities (licensing, certification). One of the priorities of the Project Office is a technical consulting, which refers to the development of the documents necessary for the normal, smooth, safe and efficient functioning of the subjects of aviation activities (airport operators, aerodrome (heliport), landing fields, operators and owners of aircraft, aviation training centers ).
An integral part of AEROHELP project is satisfaction of general public needs in gaining new knowledge in the field of legal regulation of the use of air space and outer space. For the implementation of the assigned task we established the Institute of Air and Space Law «AEROHELP». The aim of AEROHELP Institute is educational activity in implementation of supplementary training programs in the field of aviation and the use of air space and outer space (professional development programs, retraining programs). The popularization of scientific approach in understanding of social processes in the field of aviation and outer space requires expansion of legal knowledge among people, raising their educational and cultural level. One of the priority areas of activity of the Institute is organizing of conferences, panel discussions, seminars and other events aiming to popularize and develop the science of air law (including aviation law), international air law, air law of foreign countries and space law.
A logical extension of AEROHELP project product line is rendering of competent legal assistance in application and interpretation of acts of air legislation of Russia, Ukraine and other countries. For the realization of this task we established a Law Office «AEROHELP». The aim of AEROHELP Law Office is the provision of legal service for aviation business as well as the representation of interests of citizens and corporations in various situations, where application of norms of air, space or any other branch of legislation is needed. AEROHELP Law Office is the pool of lawyers, specializing in provision of legal services to aviation entities and persons who have legal relations with them. All lawyers and experts of AEROHELP Law Office have higher legal education; many of them are also professors of law schools and aviation educational Institutions of different countries. The in-house standard of the Law Office is that all specialists have legal scholar or Master’s degree, PhD or Doctor of Science degree. Some of them are also attorneys.